Nutritional Counselling

We are excited to introduce you to our all-new nutrition program.

In this program you will receive one initial 30 min consultation. This will include:

  • Calculate your calories and macros.
  • In depth questionnaire into any symptoms you might experience.
  • A look into how to periodize your eating habits and get you eating intuitively over time.
  • Any supplementation you might benefit from.

Next you will receive a custom meal plan and weekly check-ins. This will include:

  • All meals for the day to fit your caloric and macro needs.
  • All the recipes for every meal with a full nutritional guide.
  • A full one-week grocery list for all the meals in the plan.
  • If you need any additional supplements.
  • Full accountability with pictures of food uploaded to the app, as well as progress pictures.

Online bi-weekly coaching will include:

  • Everything listed above with the nutrition program.
  • Personalized workout program.
  • Weekly weigh-ins and check-ins.
  • One on one with a trainer to go over the workout program.

We will be offering one initial consultation with a nutritionist. This will include a custom one-week meal plan, as well as any supplementation you might require optimizing your nutrient intake. In this consultation we will also go over any possible food sensitivities, or specific requirements you might need to be aware of. This will help with possible inflammation and any underlying issues that might be holding you back from reaching your goals.

What to expect: Weekly weight in and a check in with our nutritionist. We can go over anything that might still be holding you back at this point, or any recipes you might want to sub out. You will be required to upload photos of your meals daily for accountability purposes. You will also be required to take weekly progress photos and upload into Trainerize.

Online coaching clients will receive a workout plan, this will all be done through Trainerize, and done with a personal trainer.

Also, healthy habits will be added for you to do daily/weekly, based on the consultation to ensure you get the best results possible.

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