TOP 4 workouts for the over 40s, to make sure you live longer, and a hell of a lot better (not to mention leaner and stronger).

1. VO2 max cardio: Without a doubt the most powerful aspect of training to help with longevity, a better VO2 max cardio improvement is one of the HIGHEST correlations to living longer.

2. Power exercises: sprints, jumps, and throws. No one wants to be the old slow guy! Whether you want to keep doing things like muay thai in Thailand til your 70s, boarding some fresh powder in Whistler, or just keeping up with your kids, Power and Explosive exercises are a MUST DO in your workouts over 40.

3. Strength training: Hard and intense keeping your reps within 2 – 0 reps in reserve, AND focussing on lower body strength. So no more skipping leg day.

4. Finally yoga: with a focus on stress reduction, mindfulness, and an awesome form of active recovery, yoga is a MUST DO in your over 40 workout routine and has even inspired my travels to India twice to discover more about it

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