Kyle Yuen

Kyle Yuen

I finished my graduate school at UBC and with more than 15 years of training (track and field, basketball, powerlifting, calisthenics and even ballroom dancing standard), I specialize in a variety of different things such as strength/muscle gain, technique coaching, calisthenics,fat/weight loss, athletic performance and functional movement.

My motivation started from when I used to be very thin and weak. I would be sick pretty much once a month at least. I was definitely not confident and had too many negativities. After I talked to my parents,I decided to make a difference starting in high school when I started training for track and field. It did bring me strength and confidence but I wanted more so I turned to the gym community . It has been a long journey with high self-discipline and I cannot say it has been easy at times but it has been worth it. It helped me get through many difficult chapters of my life, especially when I battled cancer. As a personal trainer, I can guarantee that I can help you achieve a better physique and become more confident. . I also strive to help clients build up a better attitude towards life. Personal training to me is all about communication and education.

Come train with you if your philosophy is that gaining muscle is the by-product of getting stronger.


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Shanghai University of Sports
  • Master of Law at East China Normal
  • University Masters of Education at
  • University of British Columbia ACE
  • Certified Personal Trainer ACE
  • Functional Training Specialist ACE
  • Sports Performance Specialist Fitness
  • Instructor of CBBA dotFit Certified
  • Practitioner LIFT LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4
  • CPR Level C

Sandcastle 24HR Fitness Club

200-1938 152 Street
Surrey, BC